Product Characteristics

No. It’s illegal to make claims about the health benefits of an alcoholic beverage. However, we think that making people happy should count as a health benefit and we believe our tepache does that.

No. Our goal was to create a shelf-stable tepache so that we can offer an authentic Mexican flavor to customers around the world. To that end, we pasteurize our tepache, which means it does not contain probiotics. If we didn’t pasteurize, we would end up with a lot of sour tepache and broken bottles.

No, our tepache is naturally gluten-free.

Tepache and kombucha are different beverages, although they have some similar characteristics; both are lightly effervescent and made using a fermentation process. The biggest difference is that kombucha, at its core, is a tea-based beverage.

We highly recommend serving Tepache Sazón ice cold, as you would a cider or beer. However, Tepache Sazón can safely be stored at room temperature and chilled before opening.

Tepache Sazón is not certified kosher.

Tepache Sazón is best enjoyed within six months from purchase. However, our tepache has a three year shelf-life unopened.

Tepache Sazón does not contain any of the major food allergens identified by the FDA guidelines on allergens. Tepache Sazón is not processed in a facility that also processes tree nuts, a major source of allergic reactions.

Yes, our tepache is vegan-friendly. No animal products or byproducts are used in the production of our tepache.

No, the color of Tepache Sazón is imparted only from the raw ingredients.

Yes, we use sulfites during the production process, similar to most traditional grape wines.

Yes, our interpretation of tepache is based on a recipe that originated in Michoacán and is made in the classic flavor profile of pineapple, canela, and piloncillo. When it comes to tepache, there is no single recipe that defines the beverage. Much like beer or wine (or even tacos or pizza), tepache comes in a wide variety of regional styles and flavor combinations depending on where you are in México.

We recommend serving and drinking our tepache directly out of the bottle. If you’re using glassware, which is also a great option, we recommend using a classic, narrow pilsner-style fluted glass. Either way, Tepache Sazón is best enjoyed ice cold.

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Sazón is pronounced Sah-zone