Tepache Michelada

The michelada is a classic staple of Mexican cuisine.

The michelada is a classic staple of Mexican cuisine. While the origins of the drink aren’t exactly known, the word Michelada translates to “my cold beer” and comes from a combination of the following Spanish words: mi (my), chela (slang term for beer), and ada (from helada, a term for cold). A very similar drink – the Chelada – is the Michelada’s close relative. In many regions of Mexico, Chelada is an icy beer (in this case, tepache!) and lime juice, with a salted rim.

Despite being a delicious brunch drink, the michelada is so much more than a hangover cure. Like many other cocktails, it’s ideal for experimenting, and every person or establishment loves to put their own personal twist on it. In México, michelada recipes vary widely by region and personal preference, but the basic formula is beer, lime juice, and a dash or two of hot sauce or michelada mix. Some prefer to add chamoy sauces, fruit purees, or even more adventurous ingredients like clam-based tomato juice or camaronazo (shrimp-based tomato juice). And note, your garnish game is important for this refreshing, savory beverage.

PRO TIP: try adding a 1 oz. pour of your favorite tequila or mezcal to amp up the flavor!

Explore your creativity by replacing beer with Tepache Sazón!


For this tepache-based take on the classic michelada, combine one ice cold 12 oz. bottle of Tepache Sazón with 1.5 oz. of your favorite hot sauce or michelada mix, .5 oz. of lime juice. Spice up the rim of the glass with a mixture of salt and spicy seasoning. Use Tajín seasoning or create your own mixture with ingredients in the pantry.

Tepache Chelada

The “chelada” — or beer with lime juice and salt — is a classic Mexican cooler. Try this amped up version that replaces beer with tepache. To make, open one ice cold 12 oz. of Tepache Sazón and combine it with lime juice in a chilled glass. Try salting the rim or adding some chili salt for added spice. Add lime juice to taste.

Tamarind Michelada

Get inventive and create your own signature michelada flavor. For inspiration, we created a tamarind-spiked version of the classic tepache michelada. To make this spicy, fruity concoction, combine one ice cold 12 oz. bottle of Tepache Sazón, .5 oz. lime juice, 1 oz. of tamarind puree, and 1 oz. of your favorite hot sauce.

tepache sazon bottle michelada left